About Arlene Weiner ...

Arlene Weiner has worked as college instructor, cardiology technician, research associate in educational software, and editor. She grew up in Inwood, near Manhattan’s northern tip, and has lived in Massachusetts, California, Princeton, and Pittsburgh. Her poems have appeared in The Louisville Review; Pleiades, a Journal of New Writing; Poet Lore; U.S. 1 Weekly; and U.S. 1 Worksheets.

A sample from Arlene Weiner ...


When they calculate the grease
is running low
and they put you out on a floe
with a purse of dried codfish and an oar

Do not by any means row for the shore
paddling to decrease
the black water between you,
or watch in hope that a leopard seal,

attracted to their store, consume them.
Build a small fire, make fishhooks,
raise your one sealskin as a sail.
Fix on the horizon. Keep warm. Move on.

--Arlene Weiner
Previously published in U.S. 1.
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